Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Original Edition Fantasy à la GDW's Traveller

If you missed Captain Jack’s post in the Dragonsfoot forums announcing it (or Andy’s OD&D Guild message), there’s yet another original edition fantasy set of rules out there, this one based on the original Traveller. Very interesting stuff - I really have to commend Captain Jack. I’m sure there’s a ton of us who thought “what if” but never took the time to put something like it together, or to such a degree. Check it out: Book 9 Adventurer.


Tenkar said...

Damn but it looks good!

Fenway5 said...

Very cool! I just downloaded another one called MERCATOR that is an ancient Rome based traveller system RPG!

Jeff W. Moore said...

This looks awesome! Thanks for this.


Doc Grognard said...

Thanks for the comment and link !

FYI, I've uploaded the beta version

And, yes, Mercator is way cool too !

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