Friday, June 4, 2010

A Brief Ode to the Kobold

Thank the lowly kobold
slain with ease by dungeoneer
For all great sagas told
With a weighty wristed beer...

For what fighter raises sword
And demon or dragon bests
Were it not for kobolds gored
As a youth ridding these pests?

And what wizard of power
Would even know how to spell
If kobolds didn’t cower
And by mere daggers fell?

And though not turned by clerics
Nor converted from foul god
He seldom empties barracks
And stays well under sod.

Yes - thank him for his yip
For there’s much worse below
That flesh from bones can rip
Than this feeble fellow.


Trey said...

Nice to see the kobold getting his due, I suppose. ;)

Bob Reed said...

Wonderful! Kobolds (and goblins) are my lil' monsters of choice. I never use orcs.

Anonymous said...


The guys in my dungeon delving Skype group have a deep neurotic fear of kobolds that goes back to our very first D&D session in 1977 (Holmes). There, they suffered a TPK in the very first room my homebrew dungeon at the hands of four kobolds. To this day, that TPK is the source of more inside jokes and comments than anything else. Kobolds...gotta love `em.

FeelinZombified said...

Fine stuff.. I'd love to see it in Chaucerian English! :D ..hmm, there's an idea.

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