Monday, June 7, 2010


Frungi are an amphibious/fungal hybrid, found in slightly moist to very wet habitats. Instead of proceeding from egg to tadpole to full adults, frungi grow from spore, to a rooted mushroom-like growth (albeit with watchful eyes), and eventually to independently moving, brightly colored, and fully amphibious adults. In their rooted form, they're typically found growing underground, near subterranean lakes and pools.

The danger they pose lies in the paralyzing effects of their skin secretions which can be brought about by mere contact. Their threat to humanoid settlements is minimal, though sometimes they spawn in great (and even plague-like) numbers. They are easily killed when in their immobile, mushroom-like state, though their contact poison is just as dangerous - and remains so a full day after their death.

Frungi are occasionally sought after by alchemists and others for the more esoteric, vision producing use of their poisonous secretions.

Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1 hit point
Attacks: Leaping attack for contact (no damage).
Saving Throw: 18
Special: Contact poison - causes paralysis for d6 turns (or one full day upon ingestion, see below).
Move: 9
Size: S (Apx. 1' long)
Challenge Level / XP: A / 5

Note: Magic users and clerics ingesting the poison of a frungus (either by brewing a tea or soup from them, or just through licking) will become paralyzed (no saving throw) for a full day, at the end of which they’ll experience one of the following:

1. Water Breathing, per the 3rd level MU spell.
2. Clairvoyance, per the 3rd level MU spell.
3. Clairaudience, per the 3rd level MU spell.
4. Contact Other Plane, per the 5th level MU spell.

There is a 1% cumulative risk of the loss of sanity with each ingestion.


netherwerks said...

Nice. Looks like someting you'd find along the banks of the River Zonges...I bet the Lutrin could brew some wicked beer with ingredients like these critters...

Trey said...


ze bulette said...

I wanted a critter that had some magic item qualities - and something weird for the game that my wife could relate to as well.

Chris said...

Is the name a deliberate reference to the sport of kings?

Chris Lowrance said...

I'd eat 'em if you fried 'em.

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