Friday, May 8, 2009

The Temple of Elemental Evil by Thomas M. Reid

I picked up The Temple of Elemental Evil paperback by Reid for almost nothing at a flea market and read it recently, mostly during time off from work due to the flu.

For that purpose, it was just what I needed - nothing too deep, nothing too complicated, nothing that would give me an even worse headache than what I already had. I thought it might be fun to read as Nick and I have been slowly working up to a play by post game of 1st edition AD&D with the Village of Hommlet module.

As one might expect, D&D rules were apparent throughout. For example, the elven wizard memorizing and preparing his spells at the beginning of the day and the thief-like character stealthily serving as the party's recon and continually sniffing out traps. And of course familiar spells like Ye Olde Magic Missile.

It's not Tolkien, but it was fun and got me more into the mood to game.


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