Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Steven Roy's Beauty of a Zork Map

I love this map from near to the same time I played most of my D&D games. Before we could afford D&D, my cousin Jim and I whipped up our own homebrewed version of the rules, using six sided dice only. I can still remember the vampire in one of those dungeons. This gridless, stained and yellowed map takes me back...

"This dungeon was originally drawn in 1979 by Steven Roy. Revisions of the original were made over the following months and final changes (magic-motion) added in March. End game is intentionally omitted. This drawing made in January 1981."


Don Snabulus said...

That was from the text adventure called "Zork!". Before I saw Zork! in stores, I saw it on the timeshare terminals at my junior high school where it was called simply "Dungeon."

It was an advancement over the earlier game "Adventure" because the text parser could understand four words per command instead of just two. Those were both great fun.

ze bulette said...

Oh yeah, I loved Zork, although I actually had the most fun with Hitchhiker's Guide. I have all of the old Infocom games... Still, this does remind me of the maps Jim and I made for our D&D games. Updated the title for clarity's sake! I remember Adventure too, with its two word input. Timeshare on a terminal! Dang! That's before my time.

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