Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miniatures Review: MegaMiniatures

I'd been looking for more affordable miniatures when I found some options online (see my earlier post). Yesterday I received the six metal 25mm miniatures I'd bought from MegaMiniatures via eBay (they also have a small site at

It took about a week for them to arrive. I'm satisfied with the items - the detail is very good, I'm glad they're lead free (does anyone still make those?), and the price was right.

I ordered: three goblins (one shaman, one chieftan, and grunt with sword), one zombie with dagger, one skeleton with sword (pictured above), and one rat (sold as "giant rat spawn").

Of these, my favorite is the skeleton with sword. It's a classic, with a nice large and undecorated shield to paint to your own satisfaction. All of the miniatures show great detail. The goblins have facial features. Only the zombie seems somewhat odd to me due to its weilding of a very large dagger (I've never had zombies be armed in my games). The zombie, perhaps because of the weapon it wields is also slightly less obvious than the others as to what type of humanoid it is exactly. Nearly all of the figures came with minor burrs which will require cutting and filing, something I'm not used my old miniature buying days as a kid (some twenty five plus years ago) I almost never ran into this, but it's not a big deal. Maybe they all come like this now? (Edit: Ok, it's been a loong time!)

MegaMiniatures has licensed the art/molds of one of the original TSR contracted artists that worked for Grenadier - as a result, Julie Guthrie's old school Grenadier molds are available again from MegaMiniatures, this time without the lead. If you're a fan of these in particular, you can save some money with MegaMiniatures. Many of their figures start at $1.50 or less, making these new Grenadier pours a buck or more more affordable than buying the originals via eBay. Many of the non-Grenadier figures are also priced this way.

I'll buy again from them, especially from their monster selection (warning, 5mb PDF!).


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