Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Page Dungeon Contest Update

So I finished my One Page Dungeon Contest entry and submitted it fifteen minutes before midnight... However, I was informed by email that my submission couldn't be counted due to it being overdue - apparently the rules on one site indicated an EST time zone and but it was not mentioned what time zone on another. Twenty or so people either ran into the same problem at the last moment or got confused about the 12am time posted and which day the contest submission officially ended on...

Fortunately, the deadline has been extended for another week! I've been emailed and notified that my entry will in fact be counted and that (in answer to my question) I can go ahead and edit it further for re-submission if I'd like. Woohoo!

Honestly, although the prizes look great I'm really just interested in being a part of this. It's forced me to get to work on creating my own dungeon for the first time in many years too. I'm looking forward to seeing the many entries - it should be a goldmine in and of itself.


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