Sunday, May 3, 2009

Creative Commons Licensed Monster Art?

Does anyone know of a SRD or OGL monster compendium with art licensed under the creative commons? If there isn't such a thing, I'd love to see one...and suggest to (esp. aspiring) artists that their work might reach a greater audience, be distributed widely, and be frequently referred back to if they were to contribute to such a project. I'd be willing to host the images if anyone wants to contribute, contact me here. The Monster Index at makes a decent starting point. Maybe if we dig around enough on the Creative Commons website we can begin to build a bestiary under the CC license immediately. An example is this post's wraith art (above), by Zufiel at Flickr.

Update: Having looked a bunch, I'm amazed at how few images have been open licensed (at least on Flickr). Maybe there's a better source... There IS the OGL'd Monsters of Myth book available at Lulu, but the images are obviously still copyrighted by the artists. What I'm looking for is an online warehouse of these things, just to show new players to give them an idea what they're up against, although maybe it's just best to let their imaginations come up with it.


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