Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Las Vegas Tunnel People

Every time I see news articles about modern troglodytes, a part of me is glad to know that the human species may actually stand a chance of surviving a global catastrophe because of them. Not that these folk living beneath Vegas would necessarily stand much of a chance - I have to think their city's days are about as numbered as any could be. I also wonder how much more fascinating or shocking articles like these are to non-American readers (I remem- ber how often I was asked by Europeans and Japanese about homeless people in San Francisco when I was a tour guide there years ago).

In unrelated news, I'm hoping our small group will get together online for a session tonight. Hopefully we have overcome or can work around the technical problems that have been preventing us for the last few weeks or more.


christian said...

That's a fascinating, yet brutal story. I'm one of those raging liberal types who wants to see our nation's considerable resources and brainpower to helping the least among our citizenry get the help that they need.

On a lighter note, I now have some material for World of Darkness.

Here in L.A. a massive homeless labyrinth was found underneath a freeway overpass. Basically, the bridge was built, then earth was piled up. A massive void around the pilings remained and it was there that CalTrans workers found, well, a dungeon inhabited by itinerants.

Good luck with the game tonight!

squidman said...

There is also the famous "Dark Days" documentary about the community living in the NYC metro tunnels.

As a foreigner I can only tell you this. It happens everywhere. Recently in Poland a large meat storage facility was discovered... under the Main Train Station! It was uncovered after a major renovation of the building and train tunnels began. A police investigation led to a company that has taken the unoccupied space and made it into a meat fridge, from which many small Turkish and Arabian fast food booths were supplied! It was a huge shock to the public opinion and also a starting point for creepy stories... who knows where the meat came from?!

Il Male™ said...

I also wonder how much more fascinating or shocking articles like these are to non-American readers

Honestly, it's kinda strange. But they also look like able to maintain their dignity, in some way, and probably this is the shocking side.

Have a good session!

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