Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Caves of Chaos as Mini Dungeons

Spoilers ahead - please stop reading if you're a player in this game.

Being caught completely off-guard by the direction the party took last time, I'd grabbed B2 off the shelf to fill in for one of the half dozen castles found in the area that I hadn't sketched out yet. While at the keep, they heard about some caves not far away, and as they're conveniently just off the road to the central part of the Dordogne Valley, I'm assuming they'll want to check them out. I'll probably be incorrect if recent history is any guide but I figure it's good to have at least something prepared for a session.

We were going to play Tuesday but it was rescheduled for tonight, so I spent some time today looking over B2 again, and the Caves of Chaos in particular. It's easy to chop them up into mini-dungeons and use them anywhere they're suddenly needed. I decided I'd take the Goblin Lair and Ogre's Cave and excise them from the rest of the module's map for tonight if they decide to investigate. The secret doors in rooms 17 and 21 are erased and voila! Simple as that. I haven't bothered to look again at the other caves because I already rumored the existence of an ogre nearby during the last session. This seemed to interest Wagstaff. Little do they know that it's the same ogre that tore the legs off of little Timmy (or even who that is), but it'll make for some fun role-playing if they can drop the thing and then meet up with Tim the half halfling (quarterling?) down the road.

My desk space is limited, and regular readers know I'm obsessed with putting everything onto index cards - the small map of the caves the party might explore tonight is no exception. I hate fussing with larger maps unless I really have to - although I probably spent a little too much time making this index card version today. If it's of interest or use, you can download the PDF by clicking the thumbnail image below. The resolution is pretty good so I suppose it could work for a 8.5x11" landscape also.


Jayson said...

Pretty slick.

Grim said...

Great idea.

ze bulette said...

Thanks - I'll probably knock out the other caves in this format at some point too.

Loquacious said...

I will have to steal that concept. I'm a big fan of index cards for things like merits and contracts in my WOD game so I definitely see them as useful.

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