Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soccer/Football Minis Game - Free Download

Here’s some news that might especially appeal to Gabriel at My RPG Characters. Writing from Uruguay, he's been tracking the World Cup games in the form of “encounter” posts on his D&D blog. If you’re on the MegaMinis mailing list, you may have already seen the new Golden Goal game they’ve posted as a free PDF download… It’s a soccer/football minis game complete with included paper minis.

"With the World Cup in session, we thought it would be a good time to release our first set of table top game rules. Golden Goal V1.0 is a FREE test version containing everything you need to start playing. Rules book also includes 2D paper minis and templates to help you build a quick playing field. We have also launched a Yahoo group (address found in the footer of the rules) for those of you with questions or suggestions."

I haven’t played it yet, but the paper minis seem decent enough if you actually take the time to cut them carefully (I haven’t, which should be obvious in the picture above). MegaMinis has also released a line of metal miniatures for the game - which would seem like a must have for any die-hard soccer/minis fan. Personally, I’d paint them up like the Rochester Flash… the only professional team I can remember going to see here in the U.S.


Gabriel said...

It reminds me of a similar game I played when I was a kid, but instead of minis it was played with Coke caps. :-D

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