Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grotte de Domme Map and Fat Index Cards

The other day I was rummaging through our shed and found some old art supplies. In addition to a great set of colored pencils I’d forgotten about, I also found a few unopened packages of 5x8” index cards. I’d grabbed those out of an ex-roommates trash years ago never knowing what I’d do with them.

Since I’ve been meaning to make an introductory minidungeon for my wife to explore beneath the streets of Domme, I used these pencils and cards to come up with this map last night.

There’s an unkeyed version here if you can use it. I wanted to make it pretty simple - I’m not sure if she’ll be interested in keeping her own map, but in case she does I didn’t want to quickly frustrate her. The entrance to the cave is through a shopkeeper’s basement where a portion of the cellar has crumbled. The building has an older history that the owner doesn't know about, and there’s a secret storeroom and shrine down there. At the far northern part of the map, the cave opens out onto a ledge high above the river below. The real Grotte de Domme bears little resemblance to this, although there is a small pool in common. It’s also similar in that it exits onto an outcropping above the river (nowadays, there’s a glass elevator to take tourists back up to the main level of the town).

It printed out nicely on one of the 5x8’s. I printed one of my PC cards too, to see what it would look like. Here’s a picture of them next to Brave Halfling’s S&W Whitebox. So long, 4x6’s!


Aaron E. Steele said...

I'm still using my 4x6 cards, but 5x8 is a nice size for the SWWB game.

Chris Lowrance said...

We're using cards to track spells. Basically, my wife has a deck, with each card representing a spell she knows. She can "prep" them by simply pulling them out of the deck and keeping them handy, then putting them back when she casts.


ze bulette said...

@Pal: Yeah, I'll still likely use the 4x6's for VOIP games to reduce clutter, but these 5x8's are niice.

Jay said...

Very nice set up. Still waiting on my box set. :(

Aos said...

I like that map! I'm using index cards for most of my S&W stuff right now, if for no other reason than they fit easily in the box.

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