Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dordogne Map Coffee Dip

I'm fairly pleased with the coffee treatment my previously posted Dordogne campaign map received the other day (DM map here). I've decided that I really need to lure the present S&W party eventually to the southeast and combine the campaigns since I can't see running two separate ones at the same time. I'll give my wife this map - she's a new player and I think it will help give her some options and a sense of place. She felt overwhelmed with possibilities the first time she played, and maybe this can be a guide.

She's decided that she wants to be a country girl - and that her raison d'être is that her parents were slain at their farm by goblins. Having escaped to a nearby village she now wishes to avenge them. Pretty straight forward stuff. She's no great great niece of the Goddess of Beagles or anything like that. :)


FeelinZombified said...

Having heard of her, I think I have to include the great great niece of the Goddess of Beagles in the campaign I'm running right now.

Bless you, sir.

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