Wednesday, July 15, 2009

d30 Table of Random City Events

Now that I've got my campaign's calendar worked out, my d30 has arrived, and I've joined the Order of the d30 (why not?), I submit the following:

d30 Table of Random City Events:

1. The beggars are rioting.
2. Music festival – streets are rife with dirty bards and guitars.
3. Street market sale – All non-combat adventuring gear 30% off.
4. That whore won't let go of your arm. Her pimp watches from afar.
5. Caught urinating on the wrong side of street/town – Pay fine.
6. Spotted by someone who saw you buying drinks at the tavern the other night: New best friend!
7. Upper Class funeral procession.
8. Heavy precipitation – streets deserted (20% chance of catching a disease).
9. Wandering prophet encounter.
10. Captured monster escapes from cage! Entire city in panic. Reward offered.
11. Jails overcrowded – major furlough. Increased chance of picked pockets.
12. Major speech today by city official.
13. Parade - Militia and constabulary review. Increased chance of robberies/burglaries.
14. Brew festival – Streets filled with drunken revelers.
15. Fire! All able bodied individuals expected to help with bucket brigade.
16. Invited to join street side game of craps (see page 215 of 1e DMG).
17. The local idiot has taken quite a liking to you.
18. Palm reader offers “discounted” reading.
19. Public hanging – free entertainment for the whole family!
20. Jousting tournament – first timers welcome.
21. Traveling Freak Show visiting.
22. Everyone's talking about those highway robberies. All goods at +30% cost.
23. The army/navy needs soldiers/sailors. Pressed into short term duty.
24. Mistaken identity – accused of being adulterer/father/debtor/murderer/thief.
25. Windfall – Dapper Dan dropped his wallet while getting into his carriage.
26. Royal/Religious emissaries from a distant land visiting: cultural XP opportunity.
27. Major caravan leaving town – now hiring guards/escorts.
28. Unbelievably attractive person just made eyes at you from across the street – or did they?
29. Crime lord assassinated – gang warfare, curfew set.
30. Ergot poisoning! Streets filled with hallucinating bread eaters (and hallucinations).


Don Snabulus said...

good list. #12 needs a saving throw against petrification. ;)

ze bulette said...

though some of these seem funny, i was amazed while coming up with them how many potential game hooks there were to be found.

Don Snabulus said...

Regarding the d30, I never encountered the rhombic triacontahedron in my geology courses, so it is a bit of a mindblower. (Lots of crystals that look like d4, d6, d8, and d12], but no d30 crystals that I know of).

ze bulette said...

"A thirty sided die is the largest multi-faced die that is a symmetrical polyhedron. It is considered to have the highest rate of generating random numbers due to its large array of numbers and natural spherical shape." - Wikipedia :-P

Rusty said...

"30. Ergot poisoning! Streets filled with hallucinating bread eaters (and hallucinations)."

I've seen this exact thing at Taste of Chicago, years ago. Actually, I jest. The Mummers Parade in Philadelphia actually fits about 1/2 of items on this list (

On a less serious note, I will be putting this into my folder of random tables right next to my "Ready Ref Sheets." Very groovy.

Age of Fable said...


I was wondering if I could use some of these ideas to expand the city encounters table on my site ( If so I'd credit and link to you.

ze bulette said...

Sure, feel free - link back appreciated.

Age of Fable said...

Thanks! It's done and linked.

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