Wednesday, August 31, 2011

X-Plorer Paper Minis and Pre-Gen Cards

A little while back (and with Brave Halfling's blessing), I put together a set of paper minis and pre-generated character cards from the artwork and PCs listed in the back of the X-Plorers rules. It seems like the box sets should be arriving any day now so I thought I'd post it up here in case anyone can use them. Formatted for 4x6" index cards - they should scale to Letter size pretty well if you don't want or need minis but can still use the character records.

Click the thumbnail image above for a closer look or to download.


Needles said...

Thanks for these! Nice stuff there man!

christian said...

Very well done, sir!

ze bulette said...

Thanks guys.

@Needles: Glad they might be of use.

@Christian: There's a free (lite) copy of the X-P rules here if you want to check it out.

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