Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeds and Followers - Blogger Weirdness

I've been having some problems with the feed widget over there on the right, so I finally just deleted every single google cookie from Firefox. Now I notice that every site I go to where I was formerly a follower (sorry, "member" is blogger's new term), I'm asked to rejoin. Then after doing so, I have to be sure to choose site settings next to my own icon and choose to follow using a web profile - then choose blogger if I want to show up as ze bulette again.

Anyhow, it appears as though somehow this may have unsubscribed me from some other bloggers. So if you see a follower drop or a long time follower suddenly un-follow and re-follow, maybe that's what happening. On the plus side my feeds are working again correctly so far. Oh yeah, and the little scarlet "G" on the ze bulette icon has finally been banished.

Probably just a speed bump on the way to Google reconciling its G+ accounts with its blogger users' desire for anonymity.

Correction: Crap, the RSS feed widget is still broken. The one thing that does seem to fix it is editing the widget's settings, removing one or more of the items that it shows and re-saving. Then if you go back in and edit again putting the original items back (such as post snippet, time of update, etc.) and save, it will work again for a bit. Anyone else having that problem? Emptying the cache and clearing cookies doesn't help and apparently might cause its own set of problems.


x said...

If you're talking about the list of blogs that appear on you blog, yes, problems at the Keep too.

Doesn't seem to want to refresh, show details,etc.

I went in and just changed the setting from latest post to alphabetical, did NOT save it, switched it back and hit save (so I saved my own original setting so to speak) and it worked.

They have really jacked things up around here. I started a new blog the other day and most of the time it won't load the followers widget.

I thought it was just because I upgraded to Firefox 5 (not impressed-now the wife says there's problems with it download 6...yeah...right... :)

Don't make too many changes until you talk to someone at Google...maybe it will pass like some other glitches I had.

James said...

I had to go in last month and completely rebuild by blogroll. Works fine now. At 200+ blogs, it was quite the chore! :)

Unknown said...

I battled the Followers widget many times a few months ago. I went weeks without it showing up.

David said...

I was wondering where the fright-wigged avatar in my members list went. At least I hope it's just blogger glitchiness and not something I said.

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