Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bourbon Schmourbon

I don’t know precisely how one goes about acquiring a sore throat in the dog days of summer, but I seem to have managed it. I blame the rug rats at the local ball game I attended the other day.

It seems an appropriate time to discuss my preferred method of treatment: the frequent application of whiskey. This evening I’ve managed to do a fair amount of damage to two different bottles of bourbon - one “Buck”, a small batch 90 proof which bills itself as a Kentucky whiskey but is bottled in San Jose. The other is George Dickel’s No.8, an 80 proof distilled in Tennessee and bottled in Connecticut.

Both of these I picked up for between $25-$30 each from the same shelf, which makes sense since they aren’t far off from one another in quality. The Buck at 90 proof is a bit paler than the Dickel No. 8, and predictably has a smaller nose. Its bottle is sexier at first glance, which should always make one slightly suspicious. In terms of medicinal value, the award would have to go to Buck, but I definitely prefer the Dickel No. 8. It just has a lot more going for it, although I wouldn’t say it’s terribly sophisticated - it just knows its way around. The Buck bills itself as the drink of cowboys and blah blah blah. The No. 8 didn’t feel the need to explain itself with a small card attached to its neck by elastic band.

I suspect a lot of bourbon is shuttled around and mixed by bottlers from the same half dozen distilleries. At some point, there’s not much point in reviewing the stuff unless it’s a very small batch. Bulleit is a good example. It's one I've thought about reviewing, but the difference between it and these other two I find pretty marginal. I suppose it might be good for a GIMPing and rebranding as “Bulette” though. I really need to get back to single malts.


Trey said...

I like Buleit, but I confess to being more of a single malt man.

I bought a bottle of Glen Morangie last weekend for a get together on a buddy's birthday (or at least, that was excuse for buying it).

Fenway5 said...

1) love the baseball picture
2) Maker's Mark brother, worth every dime every time.

The Happy Whisk said...

I don't drink so I don't know what bourbon tastes like. I'm a tea and raw ginger drinker when I'm sick. And I love peanut butter on little crackers when I don't feel well.

Hope you feel better soon.

ze bulette said...

@Trey: GM's not a bad Scotch and easily found.

@Fenway5: I tend towards ryes since many bourbons I find overly sweet - that is my memory of MM but I will buy a tiny bottle of it to try again since it's been so long and you recommend it.

@Happy Whisk: Thank you. Ginger and tea is good advice.

Barad the Gnome said...

I'm with you regarding the single malts....

Though I did break that rule with this last go around, and I was pleasantly surprised.

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