Friday, January 28, 2011

The Lantern Naga

The Lantern Naga is named for the bio-luminescent gland on the tip of its tail, which when seen from a distance bears a remarkable resemblance to a hooded lantern. Though narrower in diameter, these highly intelligent creatures are still among the largest of their kind - mature specimens can measure more than one hundred feet long. They inhabit underground places and lure their prey closer with their tail, slowly retracting it towards the rest of their coiled body and human-like head with an uncanny ability to sense the vibrations of curious followers. They attack primarily by constriction and suffocation, but have long fangs with which they can also inflict deadly (nonpoisonous) bites. All Lantern Nagas know a few low level magic user spells.

Lantern Naga: HD 7; AC 4 [15]; Atk 1-2 (Bite d1-3 + Special); Move 12; Save 8; CL/XP 9/1300; Special: Constriction Attack - The creature will attempt to coil around and constrict its victim under cover of darkness. Suffocation and death occurs after CON/2 (rounded up) rounds, saving throw allowed. Magic user spells: Darkness, an additional first level spell, and one second level spell.

Notes on its tail - The naga can “turn off” the light. When illuminated, it provides 30’ of directed light which is always kept facing away from the rest of its body. The tail detects motion, even missile attacks, and should be treated as having an AC of 0 [19] if targeted directly. If severed from the main body, it will always light up, and the illumination it provides will counteract a Darkness spell; it will continue to glow for one full week.


Taketoshi said...

I'll definitely be pilfering this one! I've been considering how to modify naga for inclusion in a dungeon I'm working on, and this is perfect.


David The Archmage said...

Totally snagged!

Doo said...

Would like to encounter this one day!

Dan said...

Ok, that is damn cool. I love the lantern-lure bit.

ze bulette said...

Thanks - I've been meaning to write this thing up forever.

Anonymous said...

I think a variant of this naga wherein the lantern exerts some kind of hypnosis effect (like an angler fish or such like) would be very very nasty.

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