Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Beagle Rolls a d30

I've been busy replacing the computer, cleaning the office, and other mundane tasks the last few days... today I apparently ignored the dogs a little too much. While I was taking a shower, the beagle jumped up into my chair, grabbed the Crown Royal bag of dice off of the desk, and proceeded to get the thing open and spill the Gamescience and expensive casino dice on the floor. Fortunately none of them were chewed up and damaged, and I thought I'd found and put them all away again in the bag (I wonder if the velvet texture reminded her off one of her toys?), when a few minutes later I saw her playing with what appeared to be a small black walnut. She's always finding acorns and nuts from outside and bringing them in, and then tossing them around for herself to chase like a kitten or something. I'm glad I took a closer look and pulled it out of her mouth, as it was one of the hard to find d30 Gamescience dice and not a walnut at all. Grrr!


Carter Soles said...

I empathize! I keep my dice (in fact all my gaming stuff) in a back room where my two cats are not ever allowed. . . otherwise, they would be all over those dice, just like your beagle was!

Don Snabulus said...

You guys have nice dice. I have a d20 from the 1E Basic D&D box set that is worn to the point where it resembles a sphere more than a polyhedron. I keep it for show because it is too annoying to use as a die.

Give your dog a head scrub for me. ;)

ktrey said...

There was a house cat at a friends house during our 3.5 D&D game that would always roll natural twenties when it played with the dice. It also liked to steal my chair.
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Picture B

christian said...

Your dog is such a cutie. I also love that beach. It looks like a pretty decent beach break down there.

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