Thursday, August 6, 2009

OSRIC Game Play Journal: Magic Armor vs. Unemployment

I’ve managed to come down with a sore throat and this cut the session short a little tonight. Continuing more or less where last I left off here, the party had agreed to travel with the ranger, but in rejoining the game, questions arose as to the ownership of his dead comrade’s armor (which he eventually revealed to be enchanted), as well as where exactly they were going and other details of their possible future employment. In the end, the ranger grew tired of Gladric the Thief’s questions, and decided to continue on his quest without them.

This was just fine to most of the party, although Benedict had a little problem with it at first, but being outnumbered he backed down. They returned to town and there made various mundane inquiries, re: a cook and men-at-arms to hire (no luck!), as well as re-sizing the magical armor of the dead paladin to fit the shorter cleric, the latter of which was accomplished for 10gp.

Overheard was the news of yet another assassination in town, this time in the brothel. A trial of some sort was scheduled to occur. Another development was a (presumably cleric, but Gladric is unsure) new character joining the party, someone they’d met in the tent settlement who at first seemed to be an alchemist but who described himself as some sort of mystic, interested in earning some experience and money. Not sure what to make of him, but at least he’s outnumbered by the others should he attempt to wreak havoc.

It was fun trying to reason with the ranger, but Nick (or atleast the ranger) was having none of it. He’d wanted to sell the magic armor in order to acquire steeds for everyone, but Gladric resisted based on the idea that the cleric should wear it as the healer of the party, and that other things could be done or sold to acquire horses for everyone. He also pandered to the (presumably) good side of the ranger, explaining how selling the armor for profit might just allow such a thing to fall into the hands of the enemies of the dead paladin, which would be an insult to his memory. This or just the persistence of Gladric paid off, although they were disemployed as a result - the ranger being in a rush to keep on the trail of his enemies while it was fresh. Later, he was seen in town recruiting a suspicious looking, cloaked human figure, and going so far as to purchase a war horse and various equipment for him.


Don Snabulus said...

Sounds like some interesting developments. It will be interesting to see where it leads.

(Re: the sore a person prone to lung ailments, be careful with that stuff. Everyone is different, but I start taking about 4000 mg of Vit C/day during the edgy time and it has helped me stave off the evil over time. Before I did that, I would need antibiotics 1-2 times/yr for lung crap. Now it is once every 2 years.])

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