Friday, August 21, 2009

You Have Died! Press any key... A SSI / D&D Screenshot Slideshow

Here's a brief slideshow I made of random screenshots from old Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI) software from about '91-'93 - official Dungeons and Dragons computer games. Although I have these (they don't all work in a virtual machine as far as I can tell), I never played them at the time they were out on store shelves. As far as the genre on computers goes, I went from Adventure and Zork to Temple of Apshai and then nothing until Baldur's Gate came out about 15 years later. Oh wait, I think I've played a game or two of Diablo. Oh yeah, and more recently, Avernum. Ok, at least I've never played WoW!


thekelvingreen said...

What's the music? It sounds familiar.

ze bulette said...

"Tears from the Compound Eye" by Boards of Canada

thekelvingreen said...

Ah! Boards of Canada, of course it is! Thanks for that.

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