Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kids' PCs killed by Dad!

I thought it was a strangely endearing post that Lord Kilgore wrote when he posted on the Labyrinth Lord's forums that he'd "just killed his kids' PCs"...

"They thought it was a good idea to camp out in the wilderness while an NPC sickened by giant centipedes recovered rather than hole up somewhere or head back to town. The random encounter rolls caught up with them one night when three Throghrin surprised the elf on watch. Everyone wiped out except for a (different) elf henchman that fled after everyone else was paralyzed.

It was the first PC loss for either of my kids and they were a bit shocked at first. Several sessions back I had moved virtually all of my dice rolls out into the open and told them that there would be no fudging on my part from now on. I didn't roll great for the monsters, but the players rolled worse.

After letting it all sink in for a few minutes, though, they both were already excited about moving on. My son has another character he's been wanting to get a little more action, so now he sees his chance. My daughter had rolled up a new thief on her own one afternoon just for fun, but has decided she likes him and has wanted to play him.

They both made a few notes on their dead PC's character sheets and filed them in their folders. Then they asked when we'd be playing next.

Gotta say they dealt with it a lot better than I did so many years ago..."


Don Snabulus said...

That is a cute story...for some reason I spent a quarter of the article waiting for their computers to be destroyed :D.

Sounds like Dad is a good DM.

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