Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old School Gaming - the OSRIC and 1st Ed. D&D...Free

More than one person has nostalgically yearned for the kinder, simpler days of the 1st generation of fantasy role playing games, and more than once I've found myself trying to remember the letter designation and name of a TSR "module" (now known in WoTC parlance as "Adventures"), or even perused eBay listings for these items, just to look at the artwork and be reminded again of the good times that were had...

The OSRIC (or Old School Reference and Index Compilation) is a very ambitious, and I believe, successful attempt to rebuild D&D 1st edition for its release under the Open Game License. As much as you may regret selling that old AD&D PHB, DMG, or MM, at least now for all intents and purposes you can easily and legally download the rules contained in it. Over 27,000 others already have.

Update: Old Schoolers might also be interested to know that they can download the classics Tomb of Horrors and White Plume Mountain (originally TSR modules) for free from the WoTC website.


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