Monday, March 2, 2009

BRP arrives in the mail

It seems the Chaosium's BRP rulebook is not at all what I'd expected and I've been misled (or misled myself!): Runequest appears to be what I'm after, apparently it still exists but is owned by another company. Also, the other company has licensed it with the OGL (which I'll go into later). Furthermore, it's not very affordable at all, in that there are a ton of supplements available. Well, I'll be returning this BRP most likely. I would still love to have a longer look at Pathfinder, which seems like the real successor to D&D 3.5, and still has OGL. Cripes, it's worse than navigating computer operating systems and languages I tell ya!

Update: I actually quite like BRP now, as I'll go into in a future post.


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