Thursday, March 5, 2009

Game Mapping Software

I've been asked if there's anything that can help with game mapping that I'm aware of, and so I've had to do a bit of research to answer the question.

The first thing that came to mind was OmniGraffle for some reason, but a little research quickly turned up Gliffy which offered something very similar (free basic account available). Some version of D&D was supposed to include a CD-Rom with map making software, although all of the links to it I can now find are dead.

Profantasy has some powerful looking software, but it's about $50.

Dunjinni looks great too, and is slightly less expensive, if you don't mind paying for this type of thing.

Inkscape has been suggested by some, which I have used for other purposes. There's always the pen and paper method of legend!

Some more ideas might be found here.

What do you use?

Update: Just found AutoREALM, looks pretty interesting (Windows only).

Update: I managed to get a hold of an AD&D Core Rules CD for 2nd Edition, and it has a very nice (basic, but very straightforward to use) map maker included.

Update: Here's a screenshot of the mapmaker in use (from the AD&D CD mentioned just above). The runes used are actually fonts installed via AutoREALM.

Update: A web-based tool is MapMatic which is a bit basic and itself claims to be aimed at old school players (be sure to check out the "edit with MapMaker +1" feature for greater ease of use).


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