Thursday, April 2, 2009

OSRIC copyright passes to S&W creator, non-profit to be formed

Stuart Marshall has passed the copyright of OSRIC over to Matt Finch (creator of Swords & Wizardry). Stuart went up a level, so to speak, in his day job, and no longer felt he had the time to dedicate to stuartship (sic - sorry, coudn't resist) of the OSRIC project. In addition, Matt is looking into forming a non-profit with the purpose of publishing the rules and "fostering free-form gaming" of 0E-1E, and retro-clones.

Matt has said in the forums at Swords & Wizardry that he intends to get OSRIC printed quickly - great news to those of us who look forward to a 1E core rules compilation in one volume, with the better organization and clarity of rules than the original various and dated TSR books! Preserving these original rules that truly began the modern role-playing game culture is a noble and appreciated cause. I'm glad to know that new players will have access to the same core rules without having to buy antique, out-of-print books that are falling apart. I'm still trying to get the cigarette smoke smell out of my eBay bought copy of the Dungeon Master's guide... Kids, don't ever sell your game books - you'll just want 'em back as you (re-) approach middle-age(s)!


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