Thursday, March 3, 2011

S&W Sessions Journal: I Was Blind, Now I Can't See

Considering their magic user was now blind, everyone quickly agreed to return to town. Though it was dark, they managed to arrive at the Turnapeak Inn without incident, where their room and board had already been arranged for by their employer. They didn’t see Stebbins in the main hall, but they were very happy to see their old traveling companion and adventurer, Gulch. After gratuitous back slapping and a couple of introductions, they all sat down and began drinking in earnest - a bit cold heartedly considering the condition of their magic user. Skithath (their spastic porter) joined them after helping Kitoth to bed, and once everyone had put away a few pints, the subject turned to their leadership.

After some discussion, two votes were made. The first was open - everyone who wanted to keep Kitoth on as part of the group raised their glass and drank. Only one of the henchmen thought he should be let go. It was then agreed that he would no longer get a share. He'd be reduced to the status of a hireling in terms of pay, since all he would be able to do at best would be to pack loot out.

The second vote was about whether someone else should lead the group, considering how things had turned out recently. Gulch put up Agnal’s name as an alternative, and a secret vote was made using the dungeoneer method of dropping different types of coins into a sack. These were turned out by Gulch and surprisingly the results were unanimous - Wagstaff must have voted against himself. This improved the spirits of the crew considerably, although whether Wagstaff simply saw the writing on the wall or genuinely thinks Agnal will be a better leader is uncertain. Agnal does seem a strange choice, and it may be that Gulch is conniving to take the lead himself in the near future. It’s true that Agnal has saved the lives of more than one of them with his healing ability, but he’s generally quiet and introverted.

That night, the dice said that Agnal was to receive an important message from his god in a dream. In the morning, he awoke with an image still fresh in his mind: Kitoth praying to Agnal’s god and begging for guidance. He went to see him in his quarters and found him crying (or as close to it as he could given the state of his face and eyes). The cleric consoled him in slithering low tones, even sitting beside him and holding the magic user close to his chest. There was some pretty funny role playing going on here, as the blind magic user saw the light and accepted Corrno as his own god. “I…I want to believe…” etc.

After that, Agnal led him downstairs to the main hall where their employer Stebbins was waiting. They were all handed decent sacks of gold for their information. Having defeated a giant shrew, Wagstaff had thought to have the thing’s snout cut off and kept as proof. Stebbins seemed particularly excited by this when they presented it to him, and gave them an extra bag of gold for it. “My master will be very pleased!” Their thoughts then turned to better equipment, perhaps at an armory in Castelnaud. At this, our short session ended.

I’m trying to figure out how much experience to give Agnal for this conversion. The magic user had only a few hundred points himself and has opted to become a cleric, following in the footsteps of Agnal. I threw out all his experience and started him over, and he won’t be getting any magic until 2nd level, which should take ages given his blindness. It seems unlikely that he’ll survive many more sessions, but I’ve a couple ideas about how to make his blindness still more interesting.


By The Sword said...

What level are these guys? Isn't there a remove blindness spell?

ze bulette said...

They are all first level save for the 2nd level cleric (we have a very slow progression game going here). Strictly speaking, no, there isn't a Cure Blindness spell in S&W like the 3rd level AD&D cleric spell. Which isn't to say that they couldn't research it or pay someone else to, or that an alchemist might not be able to help them somehow. Pricey stuff for such little guys though.

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