Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poll Results: Ratio of Gaming to Blogging

I wasn’t surprised by the results of the latest poll, which show that most people fall into one of two extremes: either spending a ton of time writing for their blog in comparison to their actual gaming, or vice versa. Personally I fall pretty close to the middle. Occasionally I find myself spending a lot of time writing up a post that isn’t relevant to my current games. Then I might feel a pang of guilt and that I should be using more of my time making better adventures, more flavorful NPCs, plot twists, hooks, traps, maps, etc. for my players. In the end though, I think I have to let my thoughts wander all over the place to stay creative generally… and what seem to be digressions can lead to just the inspiration I needed for our next game session.


Trey said...

I missed the poll, but the results don't surprise me. I'd fall into the blogging more than I play, definitely--but that isn't all my fault, since the schedule difficulties of my player's busy lives conspire to make our sessions rare.

Daddy Grognard said...

I used to blog a lot more than I played but then I started up my Call of Cthulhu pbem and more or less every other day is now a gaming day. Whereas the blogging has really fallen off now - for very complicated family reasons, I can't do D&D with Junior Grognard, so that's one subject out of the way and the amount of time I'm spending doing the background work for the pbem means there is much less time to do articles like the Hooks series.

And because we're right in the middle of the game, I can't really do a "From the Keeper's Perspective" series either.

So yeah, first one extreme and then the other.

Jeff Rients said...

Hmmm. I missed this earlier. I spend 10 to 20 minutes blogging most days. Say 140 minutes a week. I run a game for 3 hours every other week. So 160:280, call it about 1:2 except on weeks where I get on a tear and write something really involved.

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