Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Video Conference Gaming: Google Plus

I don't have a Facebook account and giving corporations my personal network information is something I avoid, but I am looking forward to checking out the (free, presumably) video conferencing Google Plus is going to offer. Still in Beta and invitation only... Anyone have an invite to spare?


Loquacious said...

I've been hearing about it and it looks really fascinating.

Anonymous said...

The group appears to be very small at this point with even the press being mostly speculative.

Hopefully it expands soon.

On an unrelated note, I found a
fishy Bulette reference over at Engrish Funny blog you might like.

Unknown said...

Let me know your gmail account and I'll invite you. I have plenty to spare. ^_^

Unknown said...

Update, I found your address and added you. (You are welcome in advance.)

ze bulette said...

@Basaltic: Nice!

@Crazy GM: Thanks man.

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