Sunday, June 12, 2011

Odds and ends...

My wife decided she wanted a greenhouse last year and built one from a kit, but it blew over and was destroyed in a wind storm. So this year I decided we'd build something a little more sturdy by basically tacking onto the existing awning in our backyard. Here's a picture to show what I mean...That's not going anywhere. The treated 2x4's running lengthwise from the door at about stomach height are fitted into hangers so they can be lifted up and out - they'll have heavy clear plastic stapled to their matching 2x4's which will simply lay on the ground. This way we can just remove half the wall to move things in and out of the space if we like. It's not the prettiest thing but it should work nicely.

Meanwhile I thought it was high time I gave my paper minis a home as they were starting to take up too much space on my desk. I thought they'd be happiest in a box like the old Grenadiers came in, and I'd saved two boxes that reminded me of them. I sprayed one black and then found some black foam inside an old computer box which already fit nearly perfectly. So I stuck that in there and then slit little spaces for the penny bases to go into - halfway in and the paper lays nice and flat. Now I just need to find or make some art to go above the box label.
In other news, after the Giants got blown away by Cincinnati yesterday, I'd had enough. Every time I could watch on a Saturday, it seems like they'd get rained out or just lose. What the hell, they're at the top of their division! Posey's steamrolling and Sanchez's dislocated arm have me a bit depressed. So today I broke down, bought an Apple TV and signed up for Occasionally there are blackout restrictions, but even then they post the game up about 90 minutes after it ends. Hopefully Christian won't mention any results. Dude! I can watch every Dojers game too! Sick.


christian said...

Nice! It's great to be able to watch your home team do their thing. The Dodgers are struggling, but their ownership is a mess, so hey.

The greenhouse is looking good and I dig that carrying case!

Take care,

Timeshadows said...

The modular greenhouse is really neat. :)

ze bulette said...

@Christian: Looking forward to seeing they do against Cincin today.
@Timeshadows: Thanks! The door makes it look more official. Fresh salad greens through the winter will be nice, but I think she has tomatoes mostly in mind.

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