Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beautiful 19th Century Public Domain Maps of France

I was browsing the online library of Toulouse when I ran across a number of excellent maps of various regions of France, all from the 19th century. I thought they might be of interest here - what strikes me about them is how much flavor in each region is conveyed with its accompanying art. Considering the Dordogne campaign, I immediately thought of how I could edit these public domain images and load them with my own campaign information to furnish as found or purchased maps to players...

Region du Nord
Region du Nord #2
Region du Nord Est
Region de L’Est
Region du Sud
Region du Sud #2
Region du Sud-Ouest
Region du Sue-Ouest #2
Region de L’Ouest
Region de L'Ouest #2

Region du Nord Ouest

As an example, here's one I cut up as a template...


Trey said...

Those are really nice! Good find.

David Larkins said...

Very beautiful indeed! I particularly like the marginal illustrations giving you an idea of the terrain and local color of each region, as well as the presence of forests marked on the maps (something you don't see nearly often enough).

Theodric the Obscure said...

Very nice. Do you have a link to the book in question?

ze bulette said...

@Theodric: They're not from a book, they're individual maps that have been scanned in I believe. This is the part of the library I was poking around in.

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