Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rogues - Free Paper Miniatures

I haven't made any of these in a long time... Originally, I was going to call this one "Two thieves and an assassin" but then I figured they're pretty much all just rogues, right? The dagger wielding assassin with dagger dripping poison could just as easily be a backstabbing thief with a dagger dripping blood...

Here's the 4x6" PDF for printing on an index card or other heavier weight paper. Thanks to Telecanter for sharing the source images used here (and in many of my other paper minis).


Telecanter said...

I'm always stoked to see you've made more of these.

I think something like these might become more useful the more there are. I mean, if you wanted to use them in your game before you wouldn't have had a thief. I'll continue looking for more pics to add to the mix.

And inquiring minds want to see what they look like being fireballed ;)

ze bulette said...

One of the great things about paper minis is that you can quickly print out an army of men or monsters for a big battle, so many generic subjects might still be handy.

But you're right, there are some subjects that would probably be better than others like homebrew monsters (or those from Monsters of Myth) that will never be cast in metal.

Shane Mangus said...

I really like these. Thanks for posting them for others to enjoy!

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