Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prison Scenario

In trying to devise some in-town adventure scenarios, I came up with the idea of a prison riot. The mistreated petty thieves, smugglers, and a murderer or two awaiting trial or execution manage to escape and take over the building where they were imprisoned. Barricading themselves inside, holding hostages as well as some good crossbow sniping positions from the upper levels, they might hold off a massive counterattack from the town’s militia. Maybe the poor choice of the prison’s location, close in to other buildings, is also hampering efforts to retake it. Then there’s the evil magic user still in solitary confinement - the other prisoners are scrambling to find the hidden key that would free him in order to gain his aid.

The idea came to me while thinking about Boot Hill and old western movies actually. I like the idea of the bad guys taking over a town, or at least making a lot of trouble in it, and the party, as newly deputized lawmen, having to retake control.

I’m not sure how much fun it would be though - it sounds a bit more like a war game scenario than one for role playing. I can see a lot of tactics being discussed, and magic used to work around the barricades and somehow gain entry. I’d want to create some sympathy in the party for the escapees too - maybe one of them really is innocent (“I was framed I tell ya!”) and the party uncovers some kind of high level corruption.

It might be better suited to slightly more experienced PCs than our current crew, which are all first and second level. I’ll post a follow up if anything comes from it. I'm a little bummed that work and dealing with taxes have been keeping me from giving any real attention to the hobby or blog lately, and the last two sessions of our usual weekday game were canceled too.


Trey said...

I think that sounds like a good idea, yeah it might get a little tactical--but it provides a situation where people would get tactical in real life (unlike a lot of gaming situations where players do it, well, because they're playing a game).

richard said...

makes a change from the PCs being the prisoners, and easier to set up and more chances for investigation & hard choices. I like it. Have you seen Harry Potter & the methods of rationality? It has a great sequence on Azkaban as the dark heart of the series: a terrible place with terrible inmates.

thekelvingreen said...

I'm sure that Neverwinter Nights had something like this as one of the early subquests. As I recall there's a riot, the prisoners have taken over, and there's also an intellect devourer running around in there, so the city council ask you to go in and sort it out.

squidman said...

i like it, sounds like a fun adventure

Chris Kutalik said...

There was an old Traveller adventure, can't recall the exact title right now (Prison Planet?, where you are stuck in prison and you have to break out. One of the random events calls for this big riot. Looked fun, but we never ran it.

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