Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY Game Art

I made this the other day with the Lantern Naga in mind... Occasionally I like to share an image with players to help my descriptions or to create a mood. Sometimes I just can’t find one I want to associate with an encounter or creature and I’m finally driven to just take a stab at creating it myself. Afterwards I’m grateful for the game forcing me out of my comfort zone again and for inspiring me to try something different. I really love that about the hobby - there are so many different creative aspects to it that if you're not feeling like writing up an npc or full adventure, then there's always miniature painting, sculpting, or drawing/painting. Not to mention rules tweaking.


Arkhein said...

That's cool. I can just hear the PCs now.

"Thank goodness the retainers had the good sense to set up camp and wait for us. This is such a dismal night. Let's hope they have the coffee ready."

- Ark

biopunk said...

That picture totally works for me. Evocative.

Anonymous said...


Xyanthon said...

Very nice! It is very haunting.

ze bulette said...

Thanks for the encouragement! It's now officially public domain.

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