Wednesday, February 9, 2011

S&W Sessions Journal: Let’s not speak of these dead kobolds…

“Shall we slit their throats?” asked the magic user, having magicked the little reptilian-like humanoids to sleep.

“They’re obviously sub-human.” said one of the hirelings. “You know - like gnomes.”

“Sounds good to me.” said another.

With that, Skithath and Girard set to dispatching the peacefully snoozing creatures, one by one.

The beings were nearly naked, with no money or visible possessions other than their diminutive spears.

“Might be they were kobolds.” suggested Wagstaff.

“Yeessss” said Skithath. “I thinks I’s heard of them. There are kobolds up on the druid’s lands. Although I hear they’re real nice folk. Not like these ones. Uh, you don’t think these could have been some of them do ya?”

“We’ll never know now, will we?!?” answered Agnal the cleric.

The spastic porter seemed a bit pale suddenly. A mixture of confusion and concern could be read in his brow.

“Let’s not speak of these dead kobolds again then.” said Girard.
The night before, the group had heard what sounded like a man sobbing during the night. They investigated in the morning, but the only thing they found of interest were what appeared to be wolf tracks on top of their own, in the muddy trail they’d taken to the abandoned castle. The party then made another foray inside. They found and killed a hungry pair of wolves that seemed trapped in a courtyard, as well as kobolds and a couple more goblins. One of the latter managed to escape, followed closely by a younger one of their kind who’d been watching the battle from a short distance away.

Strangely enough, they also happened upon a lone man. He was very fearful of the party and described himself as a poor fur trader. The group did not restrain or interrogate him, and told him that he was trespassing on their employer’s property. He very promptly left.

There was a lot of dice rolling and it was a fast moving session - and a good time. I’m feeling very content with what others might think a fairly typical, unweird game. I haven’t been playing for decades straight, and reusing a map or parts of an old TSR module are not beneath me. Far from it - I’m running the games I wish I always had, with the intellectual and emotional maturity I’d been missing earlier. Yet still with goblins, kobolds, wolves - More than enough tonight, and probably tomorrow too.


Trey said...

“They’re obviously sub-human. You know - like gnomes.”

That bit of casuall adventurer racism cracked me up. Was that a real in-session line?

ze bulette said...

Yeah, that was me playing the part of a helpful hireling. He's a townee.

matt said...

Yeah I had a little chuckle at that comment as well. I always detested those damn gnomes, what's their point in the game again?

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