Friday, August 13, 2010

OSRIC Sessions Journal: Mmm - Horse!

(I'm a player in these bi-weekly OSRIC sessions, and DM our S&W games)

We added another player who took Vadco as his character (who was previously played by the DM as an NPC party member.) Before departing from the scene of the well fairy’s demise, Gladric suggested that they not waste the horses that had perished along with the men in the encounter - so they spent a little time butchering them for additional rations that the cleric Ouze could purify if need be.

The druid we’d been following wanted to meet up with a tribe of nomads to the north before setting out for an abandoned mine. The party set off across the plains. The first night they camped, they saw strange lights in the distance. The druid said to pay them no mind and they went back to sleep and woke the next day without further incident. Then they travelled a little further on and saw a number of large flying beasts approaching. Once they were identified as griffins, the party spurred their horses to ride as fast as they could. Someone came up with the idea of dumping the fresh horse meat and that seemed to be enough to satiate the creatures as they stopped to feast on it and left them to hurry on without further pursuit. There were a few more wilderness encounters with various monsters but no casualties or treasure recovered.

They eventually made it to the nomads' camp - there were about sixty warriors and an equal number of other others. They met with the chief and Gladric was able to glean that the brigands numbered about sixty or so men of their own and had been battling the nomads on and off for five years. Later, the druid was seen consorting with some nomad women while the party did some gambling, with Gladric winning a few gems.

I was really frustrated with continuing to have to follow the druid’s lead, and several times had unpleasant exchanges with Vadco’s character who’s gotten very uppity since he’s no longer a NPC! Gladric the Thief is now plotting what to do about all of this. He’s more than happy to step aside and let others to the front in their marching order. He’ll be able to see their backs better.


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