Tuesday, February 16, 2010

VOIP Game Turns Into Remote Desktop Support Session & Misc.

I couldn't resist plunging into a remote support session to troubleshoot a hard drive indexing problem just before our game. Most of the time was spent just in getting the remote desktop sharing to work because of firewall issues. I finally got around that with a combination of Skype and Yuuguu. This kind of thing is fun for me, but I knew it'd eat up some time, so we just rescheduled. Will trade tech support for game materials! :)

In other non-news, I picked up some Game Color inks by Acrylicos Vallejos at one of the four FLGS's in the area. That's still amazing to me, considering how small a city this is...one of the blessings of the large University presence in Eugene. This helps to lessen the pain of the Ems baseball stadium likely being torn down and the team having to share the new on campus stadium with the UO team, but I digress. Anyhow, these Game Color inks are made in Spain, and I like that they're not made in China. Nothing against China per se, but I just feel like somehow there might be some crazy garbage in the ink made there. I also bought some Citadel brushes. I'd almost gotten the brushes from a downtown art store but the prices were too high, and though the Citadels weren't cheap, they weren't too bad in comparison. The primer was just a little too pricey for me at the game store, and they only had gray and white, so I picked up a can of Krylon flat black at True Value. I know next to nothing about mini painting, but thought I'd give it a shot as just another aspect of the hobby to try out. The black seemed like it'd be a lot more forgiving for a beginner. We don't really use minis in the game, but I still can't stop myself from buying a few once in a great while.

Sorry to see Destination Unknown go away, James at the Underdark Gazette put up a nice farewell post. I didn't see Christian's final blog post, but saw the title in my feed and confirmed what the largely self-explanatory "Back to the Zine" was about with an email to him. Thanks again Christian, read ya later on Iridia...

Update: Destination Unknown is back!


Don Snabulus said...

I am also bummed about the Em's stadium. I hope to see a game there before its likely destruction.

The figures weren't something I spent a lot of time on during my RPG days. I always enjoy seeing what other people have done though.

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