Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mini Props - St. Martin's Shop

On our way out of the local annual Asian Festival yesterday, I saw a couple of items that seemed not too far off from 25mm mini scale. They were $3 each - at that price I thought why not? One seemed closer to scale than the other, but maybe I could make the lighthouse/tower thing be the abode of a gnome somewhere. Hmm, maybe that'd make it a pretty short and useless lighthouse. Anyhow, I'm guessing these were overstock, originally intended for sale at some super touristy shop on the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean. For our purposes, the shop could contain the holy symbol, incense, and healing potions (Ack! Selling potions you say?!) of a local religious celebrity.

Here's a quickly GIMPed photo, with an old unpainted Grenadier thrown into the mix. I guess it's either a statue of St. Martin or the shop owner's gone way over the top with his colloidal silver imbibing.
I love found props like these. I remember using styrofoam packaging (like Zak recently) after Christmas while all the boxes were still around, as various structures in D&D. Though the use of minis in our games has always been minimal to nonexistent, I continue to enjoy them just for their own sake.


Jay said...

Those are great! I esp. love the lighthouse. Lots to mine there!

Anonymous said...

These were THREE BUCKS? Oh man, jackpot. My wife had a couple of these things sitting around her house and was going to throw them away before we got married.

Needless to say, I convinced her otherwise. I don't know what it is about little versions of things that makes me crazy.

christian said...

I'm a big fan of terrain, so I la la love these!

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