Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dordogne Campaign: The Great Druid of Marqueyssac

The Gardens of Marqueyssac are situated on a plateau just North of the the Dordogne river which forms the border between the Ogledd barony and the Ock lands. The location offers significant strategic and tactical advantages since it allows full view of both sides of the river valley. Yet no keep or bastide is found there - only a small disused chateau, a few stone buildings, and ruins.

This is the place where the Great Druid abides. He claims dominion over the entire butte where The Gardens are found. Though sometimes mocked under breath as "Oak Lover" or “Le Amant de Chênes” by the Ogledds and Ocks, he is also feared and respected. He seems to take no side in the ongoing dispute which periodically rages across the river and throughout the valley. Even still, he is sometimes sought for advice for advantage in the continuous warfare below, or for other purposes. Typically, his power and wisdom surpass the understanding of those who seek it.

Those endeavoring to meet him are frequently killed by the wild creatures that are especially protective of the territory they share with the Druid. Others are simply never heard from again. Those that do return from Marqueyssac are usually torn in their interpretation of the Druid’s words or have even gone mad. It’s said that once a century or so (the High Druid seems to outlive everyone), true wisdom and peace is achieved for a time with his aid. Some even say that one day, lasting harmony will be reached, The Druid somehow uniting the two kingdoms. Others wish for his death, saying that his very existence creates a false hope among the people. Among these are jealous priests of various faiths in the area, and in particular, the Priests of the Magic-Eating God whose numbers are increasing from the southeast.


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