Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OSRIC Session Journal: Options

Having re-entered the tower after a delicious breakfast, we made our way to the armory again and then past it found the dead gnome. After searching the body and recovering a few items, Ouze the Cleric recommended that we go back to the armory and totally clear it out: he said he knew of nomads not far away who would gladly pay for the armor and weapons we’d found there, even if they weren’t in the best of shape.

Majority opinion was that we take his advice, so we threw everything (except a crossbow, that was carefully stashed away for later) over the edge of the tower, descended, got our horses, and followed Ouze’s lead to where he thought we might eventually come upon some nomads on a regularly taken trail. The weather turned bad, and as it was raining, Demurarg mentioned that she knew of a cave in the opposite direction of where we were going where we might take shelter, although she knew not what might lie within.

After unsuccessfully attempting to stash the horde of armor and weapons (very hard, rocky ground, no trees), the party decided to continue on the way Ouze had recommended, rain or not. Eventually they came to a place of standing rocks - obviously a ceremonial site of some kind. After waiting there a couple of hours their lit torch had signaled a group of four nomads who approached the site. A trade was made, and Ouze reminded everyone how he had loaned the party some money so that Vadco might get some basic armor and weaponry. After paying him back, there was almost nothing left over save a greenish gem that Gladric the Thief pocketed.

The nomads departed after conveying how their shaman had foretold of the group of adventurers, and recommended that they stay put so that they could notify said shaman who would then meet with the party in a few hours. This they agreed to, and the shaman eventually appeared and invited everyone to follow him into an underground space beneath one of the standing stones.

There, in brief, the shaman (determined to be a druid through some specific questioning by Gladric) revealed that he had dreamt that this party had aided him and that they were destined to help him retrieve some magic artifact that would somehow restore balance. Gladric wanted to know how it would restore his credit and fill his wallet, and the druid conveyed that a great reward would be had also. Demurarg did not want to join the druid, but instead return to the tower and avenge her previous comrades. Vadco kept mentioning how everyone was ignoring him and that if they went North he’d lead them to an item that the local bandits’ captain wanted, and which might be used to defeat him for a reward.

Generally, it was thought that a return to the tower was best, to finish the business they had started there - there was only one higher level there to deal with, and Demurarg had said how she did not intend to go anywhere else. The party thought it best to see through the exploration and plundering of the tower, and asked the druid if he’d be willing to wait for their return. To this, he simply responded that he must meditate on it, and the session came to an end.


christian said...

Nice. Any session where everyone makes it out alive is a good one! You guys going to bury that dead gnome?

ze bulette said...

omg we forgot to bury the gnome! nasty, and just not right of us. everyone's neutral but the cleric, surprised he didn't call us out on it.

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