Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tavern Graffiti: The Orcs Have A God...

The orcs have a god they call Mork
Who some say said not to eat pork
After all they're pig faced
So it'd be debased -
Like seeing your mum on a fork.

*I do not play Warhammer.
*I'm actually offended by this. :-)


Chris Creel said...

It's a good fun haiku, don't be offended.

ze bulette said...

ah crap, and here i thought it was a limerick!

Chris Creel said...

And so it is, I really didn't pay attention to the verse form when I made my comment did I? Now I'll be thinking in limerick all day.

ze bulette said...


Rusty said...

Excellent. This is one that I'll have to use in th near future.

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