Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dungeons & Dragons Documentary Being Made

It looks like their site is still under construction but there's some basic information up about a D&D documentary being made by a pair of students at SDSU. I get the sense that it's mostly about the culture, though it's hard to say from the trailer (Quicktime). Might be interesting... I'll have to put a reminder on my calendar to check back on their progress.


christian said...

I've been thinking about this since yesterday and I don't think I like it. We don't need people poking a camera into our hobby with an attitude of, "Ooh, look at them. They're different and weird!"

You know what's weird and stupid to me? People who eat too much fast food, American Idol, the never-ending war on terror, the lack of a salary cap in baseball child poverty.

Those kooks in San Diego should make a film about those things and leave us the hell alone.

christian said...

PS: I did spell bulette wrong. Doh! Will fix it when I get home. My work has deemed destination unknown to be unsavory and I can't get to it through the strict web filtering software.

ze bulette said...

I'll have to watch the trailer again but I initially got the impression that they might be saying that the hobby is actually mainstream now, or getting to be more so, and not just played by so-called Freaks and Geeks. If that's its message, then I think it can help bring new players on board (hard to find in many places).

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