Thursday, June 4, 2009

Labyrinth Lord - Custom Digest Size

My previously unmentioned custom "Perfect Purple Box" of Labyrinth Lord is getting closer to completion with the creation of my digest sized version of the book. Ah yes, now all these miniaturized items begin to make sense... Purely for fetishistic purposes!

Well, that's not entirely true. There is some utility to having a small screen and character cards, but the digest sized book in particular I'm very happy with - the coil bound book lies perfectly flat, is very readable, and also takes up less desk space. I've found myself struggling to locate room descriptions, shuffling maps, and having to turn large pages of the rules book too much, and this will definitely help.

I must confess to having really only visualized this particular creation. Someone else was able to implement it, namely "Evan" at the local Kinkos! The unbelievable thing is that due to a screw up, I have two copies of this beauty (although one is unbound) and was charged only $22. There is a very minor formatting screw up, which means that I can fix it and have them rebind the extra copy I have for only about $6. I think they should have charged me $32 for the one bound copy.

Pictures here: front, interior, back (textured vinyl), and clear vinyl cover protector shots. Here's another to show it how it lays on the table. Yes, I have a lot of spare time on my hands lately.


ladybug said...

This is totally cool! I also like the smaller formats for the reasons you mentioned---they don't take up so much space..and more room for gaming!

Also I didn't mention it before but I REALLY like the idea of the 3x5 cards for Characters, so much more efficient!

My only wish is maybe if you have examples of wizards, gods, elves, Unicorns or other "good" characters...(it's a personal preference, I am not into horror, so just don't like monsters!..yea I know Rainbows & Ponies)

Thanks for all the are a great resource!

Sham aka Dave said...

Well done, that is one awesome manual. I hope you'll keep posting more pics as you assemble your LL Perfect Purple Box. I love the character cards from previous posts as well, and that ingenious LL screen...this stuff is outstanding! Bravo! What are the dimensions of your booklet? 8.5"x5.5" or so?

ze bulette said...

@ladybug: I'm now using 4x6 cards for player characters as it provides more space, I just zoomed the original image 130% or something like that and it fits nicely (still use the 3x5's for NPCs though). Glad you like 'em. There are a lot of blogs doing monster creation, which I think is great fun and I'll have to come up with one here soon - I think there aren't as many "good" creatures simply because of the hack & slash nature of the old editions. Still, I appreciate what you're saying and I'll see about thinking up something that fits your suggestion, as there is definitely a deficit in the good category.

@Sham: The dimensions are exactly 7"x9", not including the coil. It was done on tabloid or broadsheet sized paper, I forget now, two to a sheet (ie. 2 of the set of two pages).

Anonymous said...

Spectacular. I need to devise one with the alternative cover. No Kinko's here, but a Staples store, maybe they can do it. Did you take the pdf in?

ze bulette said...

The PDF has been slightly customized - I'd thought about posting a link to it, but turned it over to DP to take a look at to see if he wanted to use it for making a digest sized version at Lulu with it somehow. Haven't heard back since so I'm not comfortable making it available here yet - I don't know if doing so is in violation of anything. 3:38am post! Good god man, are you up milking the cows or something!?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am using BookletCreator to take a stab at a digest-sized booklet, a la the one at Eiglophian Press' blog. While he did it with S&W White Box I think that it can be done with Labyrinth Lord. The thing is making a different cover, an 8x11, made sideways to cover the booklet.

3.38 am is usual for me, I am a nightowl, up until just before dawn when I race to my coffin. In a darkened room now:)
Why do you think they call me bat?

ze bulette said...

I came close to having it done on a 8.5x11 but it's just too bloody small.

Theodric the Obscure said...

Whatever happened with this? Having a digest-sized version would be sweet.

ze bulette said...

Not sure what ya mean, but there's a follow up post here.

Btw, anyone reading this thread who doesn't believe in evolution, just look at the comments here. bulette > le bulette > ze bulette. :)

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