Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Truth Telling Pig (Magic "Item")

The Truth Telling Pig, or "Le Porc de la Vérité" is a rare magic item found only in very rural farming communities.

It is rumored that the first such "Pig of Truth" was created by a wizard in sore need of rest and recuperation, following an epic battle. Penniless, the wizard is said to have magicked a farmer's pig in trade for being allowed to stay and convalesce in the care of the farmer's wife. Ironically, some say that it was the pig that led to the wizard's demise, as the farmer was ultimately able to prove the wizard's adulterous behavior to the local village elders and militia. These pigs are highly sought after as breeding of them has proven they're able to pass their magical ability on to their litter, although this seems to be rare and possibly attributable to how well the pigs are cared for prior to their becoming pregnant.

How it works: Anyone who lays a hand on the pig and speaks can be determined to be telling the truth or to be lying based on the appearance of the pig's spots: If the person is lying, the spots on the pig will begin to coalesce and arrange themselves in such a pattern that the unmistakeable word "Liar" will be seen upon it. Similarly, truth tellers will reveal the word "True" in the spots on the pig. No saving throw is allowed for the person(s) in contact with the pig.

If more than one person touches the pig simultaneously, or if one person holds hands or otherwise touches another person who touches the pig, results will be similar (ie. "True" or "Liars" will manifest), but if one or more people tell the truth but one lies, or vice versa, no spots on the pig will rearrange, and the result will be inconclusive.

Those seeking to somehow assume the truth-telling abilities of the pigs through consumption of them take a great risk in doing so:

Roll 1d6:

1: No Effect
2. Consumer can only tell lies forever after.
3. Consumer must answer any direct questions and always truthfully.
4. Consumer alternately tells the truth and then lies, every other sentence.
5. Consumer can speak the truth, but always loudly snorts afterward.
6. Consumer gains the ability to Detect Lie (as per the spell) once per day.

(Published in Knockspell #3)

This magic item was completely inspired by Jim Woodring's "Truth Telling Pig" illustration, pictured above.


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