Saturday, June 6, 2009

Killer Grass

Carnivorous Grass (more commonly "Killer Grass") is very rarely found near elfen and human settlements due to the ease with which it's been eradicated by local authorities - more typically it's encountered in remote and unmapped regions. It is virtually indistinguishable from common types of grass found in many areas, but it never grows more than about a foot high and is usually about 10' to 20' in diameter. The absence of any animals upon the surface of Killer Grass is probably the only way to identify it as abnormal, as they seem to instinctively know of its danger.

Killer Grass is a type of carnivorous plant. Its method of attack is to remain motionless and wait for a creature in seek of rest. When its intended prey lies down and goes to sleep, the grass blades of the creature will slowly prick the surface of the victim. A numbing poison is injected, and the blades then begin to insert themselves deeper and deeper into the exposed flesh of their prey. At a certain point, the prey becomes completely immobilized, even when it at last awakes. When the victim begins to move, the Grass releases digestive acids which counteract the original numbing poison. Due to the excruciating pain produced by any movement once this occurs, escape by attempting to rip free of the Grass becomes nearly impossible without assistance. Death by Killer Grass is particularly gruesome: victims are slowly dissolved (but sometimes expire due to exposure long before they are completely digested). Over time, the skeletons and even possessions of the victims are also dissolved, leaving no trace.

A symbiotic relationship of sorts can occur between Killer Grass and other creatures - all manner of monsters (and evil humans) have been known to protect patches of Killer Grass found around the base of shade trees and elsewhere, for the obvious benefits of easy food and looting. Because of this, calling for help if ensnared by Killer Grass often results in the appearance of nearby ogres, bugbears, etc. (increased chance of wandering monster encounters in vicinity).

Enterprising individuals of non-Lawful alignment have been known to attempt its cultivation for a number of purposes.

Stats: HD 1; AC 9; Atk 1 acid (1d4 per day once victim awakens or after 1 hour of contact); Move Neglible (apx. 1' per hour); Save 16; Special: Paralyze (via entanglement)

Cheesy GIF artwork created by R. Hewlett & released under CC Attribution License 2.0, source images were by flikr users 100kr & billolen (also CC A.L. 2.0). Tools: Delineate, GIMP, Inkscape, GIFfun


ladybug said...

This is a really neat "monster" I hadn't heard of...very interesting. Is it one you made up yourself?

Kevin Mac said...

When I saw "Killer Grass" I thought you were talking about something else I like...

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