Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Chaosium BRP Bestiary?

There's Mongooses's Runequest III Bestiary, which I assume is compatible with BRP, but not much else as far as I can tell. Perhaps a reader can steer me right... as it is, I'm looking at having to convert the stats at d20srd into BRP's system. Someone else has thought of the same thing.

Update: Some very nice folks in the forums at basicroleplaying.com steered me toward: Sword & Spell (upcoming release), the RuneQuest SRD (all the Runequest material published under the OGL), Middle Earth BRP bestiary, and finally Fire & Sword, a complete Fantasy RPG, free & written by a co-creater of the original Runequest (which also contains several dozen creatures compatible with the BRP system).


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