Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The other game I'm following: Thanks Cain

Oof - sad to say some of the reason for my lack of posts (in addition to a pick up in business, thankfully) is the fact that the Giants are in contention for the NLCS. Any baseball cant speakers out there? Cain and Ross more or less saved the Giants' ass tonight...

Meanwhile I should be preparing for our regular S&W session since I ref tonight. Nick's gratefully agreed to DM his OSRIC game should I fail to get it together in time.


christian said...

"Beisboll has been berry berry good to me."

Right now I'm watching the Rangers spank the Yankees. :)

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I knew there had to be some other Baseball nerds among us RPG geeks, but I was beginning to despair of finding them!

I, too, am watching my hometown team exact revenge for all of those years of abuse right now and I hope Los Gigantes and Nolan's boys meet in the Series.

Cheers to ya!

Scott said...

Pirates fan. Screw all y'all. ;)

Jay said...

I'm a Twins fan at heart, but anyone who beats the Yankees will get my first born. Right now the Rangers are my favorite team!

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