Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ocarina Skull

I thought I’d join bat and David in writing up another magic skull.

Ocarina Skull

A relatively common magic skull, most of the openings of an Ocarina Skull are sealed with wax or mud. Several new holes have been carefully drilled into it, allowing the skull to be blown into and played as a musical instrument.

Unless the exact melody intended to be played with a skull ocarina is known, the magical power or effect caused by using one can be dangerous and unpredictable. Roll on the table below, use d4 if the tune is known, d10 if not (saving throw allowed.)

1. Animate and control d4 skeletons in vicinity.
2. Turn/Bind Undead - At level of user, based on alignment - clerics get bonus turning/binding attempt.
3. Curses enemy listeners within a 30 ‘ radius (-1 on attack rolls for 1 hour.)
4. Causes Fear in enemies in a 30’ radius - flee for one hour.
5. Causes user to cease playing the Skull Ocarina and laugh maniacally and uncontrollably for d6 turns.
6. Causes deafness for one day for all listeners (including user) within 30’ radius.
7. Summons up to d12 hostile undead from within a radius of 30’ times level of user.
8. User and listeners in 30' radius are compelled to shave their heads. If their heads are already shaved, they will furiously attempt to do so again, causing a hit point of damage in their zealousness. Those without bladed weapons will beg others to help them or loan them theirs.

9. Irresistible Dance - User, friends, and foes alike within 30’ are compelled to dance for 2-5 rounds, reducing armor class by 3 and making other actions impossible.
10. Causes everyone within 30’ radius (including user) to stop what they’re doing and attempt to dig a grave for one hour. If the terrain allows for it and there are enough present to succeed within the duration, a random participant will volunteer to lay down in it, whereupon the others will fill the hole back up again. Any time left in the hour will be spent idly standing over the grave or in murmuring prayers to whatever deities are worshipped. Anyone attempting to stop this activity or uncover the grave will be attacked by those effected.
(all effects occur once per day)

I can see using this with either a visual puzzle of some kind where a pattern needs to be played, or else with a riddle along the lines of “name that tune” where I either give lyrics as clues or somehow justify playing a short clip of music (a Magic Mouth might be useful here.)


Chris Lowrance said...

5, 9 and 10 are particularly unsettling. I like it.

ze bulette said...

haha, nice avatar Chris. I swapped one out and replaced it with the head shaving bit (#8) for some laughs.

David The Archmage said...

If this isn't the most bone headed thing I've ever read.... ;-)

Always nice to have someone else join in on the craziness!

10 is really creepy. I like 8.

Anonymous said...

Very well thought out, Rob. I really like this magic item. You and David put me to shame!

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