Monday, July 5, 2010

Intermission Music

Here's some intermission music to play the next time the DM has to do a beer conversion. It's sync'd to some video from our little CaveCon thing. It might be just a tad overdramatic, but what the hell.

Last night I accidentally closed a word processor window that'd been open for days, erasing the mini-dungeon key I'd been working on for my wife's game. Wah. I couldn't deal with typing it all in again immediately so wasted some time with this today instead.


Telecanter said...

Sorry about the mini-dungeon. May the next incarnation be even better. Cool music.

christian said...

Love it.

ze bulette said...

Forgot to mention - it's Pink Floyd's "The Narrow Way, Part 2" from Ummagumma.

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