Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dungeons 'n Digressions MC Server

So a while back I had a serious addiction to Minecraft and ran a server before Minecraft Realms and the Microsoft buyout. Telecanter and I had some great times on that thing. I left it run at one point for about year and just forgot about it. I just resurrected it for old times sake - if interested, send an email to me here with your MC username (I'd rather not publicly list the IP/domain and port, and I'd need to whitelist you). There's also a dedicated Mumble (VOIP) server for it too.


christian said...

I don;t play Minecraft, but if I did I would totally hang out with you. :) PS: Due to a stupid cable provider dispute between Time Warner and every other company, I have not seen a Dodgers game in over a year. The humanity!

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